What's the biggest surprise you've ever found in your refrigerator?

United States
October 30, 2007 12:56pm CST
So, what's the worst smelling thing you've ever had to clean out of your refrigerator? Most times, I like to keep my refrigerator cleaned out, so that I can see what I have left over. That way food doesn't spoil before I get a chance to use it. And, there's no messy surprises from mystery vegetables tucked away in the back of the fridge, that have long since turned to mush. And, I rarely experience the need to try to guess what a dish used to be. But, sometimes a piece of fruit will slip by and really cause a stink in my refrigerator. Usually that's the worst of it though. The other day, we had a salmon based dish. And, I stored the left over cooked salmon in a container. And, the next day there was an ominous odor surrounding my refrigerator and sink. I was pretty sure it was a stink caused by the cats, but turned out to be the left over fish. Good thing I got to it before the entire refrigerator got infected by the smell. How about you? Do you ever find any unwelcome "surprises" in your refrigerator?
2 responses
• Australia
30 Oct 07
no i don't have any odour, because i put an open box of bicarb soda in the fridge, its great at absorbing odours and you can use the old box of bicarb for cleaning so there is no waste
• Pakistan
30 Oct 07
Well, I like chicken a lot and keep lots and lots of it in the fridge. Frozen one, of course. So, some times, everything I eat smells and even tastes like chicken. Especially uncovered drinks. So I get Chicken Milk, Chicken Fish, Chicken Vegetables, Chicken etc.