Alvey Fishing Reels

Alvey 650b light surf reel - This is the larger of the 2 reels I have and im using ot on a 14 ft rod with 9 pound line.
@troopy (168)
October 30, 2007 5:00pm CST
I do a lot of surf fishing and just recently my mate put me onto Alvey's reels and showed me how to cast them (as they are a side caster) and im hooked. Ive now giving away my egg beater and bought 2 Alvey rod and reel combo's and cant give them enough praise, you can drop these reels in the sand and wash em out in the ocean and they just keep workin. Caught a nice size bream of the beach the other night and looking forward to gettin a few more. If anyone else uses Alvey reels let me know what u think of em.
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