How long?

United States
October 30, 2007 6:06pm CST
How long is this series supposed to go? I absolutely love it but i havent been able to watch it and of late all ive seen are reruns, are there new episodes coming out anytime soon? Also have or do you think there ever will be new "main" characters added in. Personally i think after all the episodes they've had despite the absolute randomness of the situations its still become slightly predictable, I think that throwing another "main" chracter in there might spice up the whole thing. Then again who knows i haven't seen most of the newer episodes. It was just a thought...
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@Treikens (32)
• United States
1 Nov 07
It's not a drama! It's not run on the SOAP channel, so no they are NOT going to throw in a new main character! It's Baseball Season so all of our shows are being interrupted for the time being, it happens every year where have you been? The new episodes will return towards the end if Nov. and you'll be glad you waited!
• United States
2 Nov 07
Yeah i guess, and im not one to pay attention to sports, or T.V. for that matter, lol. Well cool im glad they'll be coming back out, i cant wait, it will be awesome i love that show, man. I miss Peter and his moments.
@rurique (116)
• Portugal
16 Nov 07
i love family guy to but they wont take that long on tv
@LouieWpHs04 (4556)
• United States
6 Nov 07
I dont think the series is going to throw in any new characters, mainly because I think it's ending soon. I dont know, with the whole Stewie finally killing Lois bit, I think the series is finally coming to a hault. A new character would be wonderful though, i'm not sure who it would be, or how they would fit'em in, but yeah. If they can pull it off, I'd love to see that.
• United States
3 Nov 07
That might mix things up a little, but I doubt they'll add another main character or replace one, for quite some time, if ever at all. Think about the Simpsons. They've got like a million characters, but not a whole whole lot of main ones, mostly cameos and minor appearances by others. It's also been around forever though, so they've had a lot of time to build up quite a stable of secondary characters. Not that Simpsons and Family Guy are all that similar (aside from the whole, idiot dad and disfunctional family theme) in humor or content, but the structure is pretty close, and if you look at how long Simpsons has been around, Family Guy is likely to follow suit. Heck, even South Park, who is pretty unconventional for a cartoon, even crazier than Family Guy, hasn't had any real major revisions other than a short amount of time without Kenny and the whole Mr/Mrs Garrison thing. Oh yeah, Chef too, but I heard that it was because the voice actor quit or something.
@gradyslady (4054)
• United States
30 Oct 07
The new season has begun, but they keep showing reruns every so often instead of new ones. I have no idea how long it's supposed to run though.