Teacher Vs Student

October 30, 2007 11:48pm CST
What is the relationship between a True Teacher and a True Student. As they Friends? Are they Enimes? Are they following Teacher and student? A student should afraid of a teacher, or a teacher should always control the student in all the aspects of his daily routine. Send me your opinions on these.........
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@SViswan (12059)
• India
3 Nov 07
In my opinion, the teacher should be a guide. The student have respect for a teacher and the teacher likewise should have respect for the child and understand their needs. I don't believe in a teachyer being controlling...the more controlling they are, the more the child rebels (if not now, later). But the teacher does have the right to guide a child in all aspects of their lives (that is what we call all round grooming which is an integral part of education in India).
@cobradene (1171)
• India
2 Nov 07
The job of a teacher is to teach and discipline a student. But they tend to go overboard by beating them and slapping them on their faces which is not correct at all. First and foremost you are supposed to build confidence in them. Over control is also stupid. I had a history teacher who used to try scaring us all the time and all the students were scared of her except me. She would always ask questions at the end of the class and those who didn't answer were told off badly or she would say, "if you don't answer my question, I will take you to the principal's room". That was her standard line and everybody used to get scared. I never answered her questions in the class and she never took to me to the prinicpal's room either and she stopped asking me questions after that. But that's not the way to deal with students. You are not a dictator, you are a teacher. Not everybody has the power of retention, and not everybody can answer what you teach. But that doesn't mean you impose fear on them. The ones who want to study will study and the ones who are apt will move on. If you are not able to create better students it's your weakness, but you can never create toppers by imposing fear.
• Pakistan
2 Nov 07
the realationship b/w the teacher and the student must be a trust worthy r/ship because if a country wants to proceed the two parties must go hand by hand if some one wants to proceed these two parties must be faciliteted properly for the proper functioning of the society
@eskay007 (72)
• Israel
31 Oct 07
The relationship should be symbiotic. Scratch my back and i will scratch yours. They are helpful to the achievement of each others dream. There should be mutual understanding, trust and love not fear, intimidation and control.
@tatzkie (644)
• Philippines
31 Oct 07
teacher imparts knowledge. they may be passionate to the student but never should they be punitive to student. they are not meant to control but to instruct.