October 31, 2007 3:23am CST
some expect me to be a "perfect" person but i'm not, for nobody is... i have my mistakes, weaknesses and fears but i'm so content for whatever life i have now... and it doesn't matter where i came from, my title or family name... its always my dignity as a person that counts... others may see me as a stone and not a gem, and i didn't give a damn... i know who i am... how i care for people i love... what i think and what i feel... me, myself and i... not perfect but just the way i want it...
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@jsaidmlt (147)
• Malta
12 Jan 08
Perfection does not exist. If you want to think you are perfect, you are free to think so. I don't care what others think about me, I think I'm perfect enough for me :P
• Philippines
1 Nov 07
Ofcourse nobody is perfect. And if there's one, he shouldn't be here on earth. Guess where he should be? IN HEAVEN.
@lilaclady (28236)
• Australia
31 Oct 07
Nice words there, you are right no one is perfect because perfection is different to everyone, we can only be as perfect as we feel we should be.
@apsara60 (6611)
• Israel
31 Oct 07
No body is perfect and every one knows it. If we human beings were perfect than we could have called ourselves God,........we are simple people and we make mistakes and one who accepts his mistake and tries to correct it, is most respectable person for me and one who showsoff thinking that he or she is most special or perfect is actually most undignified person for me. I hate snobs who walk with there nose-up in the air, but are not worth anything.......well world is full of such confused people. I like myself as I am , the most simple person, but loved by all.......I never even try to become perfect....... who needs and me are just fine dear.....have a nice day.