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@bobmnu (8160)
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October 31, 2007 3:06pm CST
I would like to know what Hillary's Position is on several toppics. On Social Security when asked what she would do to save or fix it. Her responce was I will do the Ficsical Responsible Thing. What does this mean? What is her position on Taxes and the Bush tax cuts. She will increase the taxes on the rich. Who are the rich - when President Clinton provided a tax cut for the middle class to help with the cost of College the middle class ended at $60,000 and the rich started. What is her position on the War in Iraq? On the floor of the Senate she stated that she did her own research and concluded that Sadam was developing WMD. Now she tells us the Bush lied? What is her position on immirgation. She stated the Bush failed to get immigration reform - yet they were both on the same side of the question. She is for National Health Insurance but won't outline a program. She claims her years as First Lady gave her valuable experience to be president yet she won't release the papers from that time. She wants to clean up Washington and tax bib business, yet she accepts contributions from lobbies, drug companies, and she won't expalin the money comming from China. What will all these groups get if she is elected? I believe that she is a committed Socialist and wants to make everyone dependent on the Government and keep the power for the Democratics which she had Bill hope to control.
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@anniepa (27279)
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1 Nov 07
I love the "catch-all word" of the right; whenever you disagree with someone label him or her as a Socialist and everyone will be scared off! If everyone were covered by health insurance, well that would be socialized medicine and we can't have that. Rolling back tax cuts that benefitted the richest 2% is a tax increase. Campaign finance reform is labelled as a free-speech violation but when Democrats play by the same rules as Republicans there's always something wrong with that. Could you tell me the positions of the GOP candidates on the issues you mentioned? Pretty much all you hear from them is "September 11" and "Hillary Clinton". Annie