I liked film in 2004

November 1, 2007 4:27am CST
A whole lot of monsters-werewolves,a Frankenstein creation and,above all,Dracula,his three wives and several thousand potential bat-children-roar and squirm in this long,grinding special-effects migraine.Stephen Sommers,who wrought simiar havoc in "The mummy"and "The Mummy Returns,"seems to be aiming for a kind of insouciant pop gradeur,something that will mix spookiness and spoofiness in spectacular fashion.But whatever visual and narrative wit there is(and there is a little) is crushed by the lumbering rhythms of the plot and the hectic,murky action sequences.Kate Beckinsale is Dracula's ancestral nemesis,while Hugh Jackman,with none of the wired gravitas that was so effective in the "X-men" movies,plays the title character, a centuries-old monster fighter with bad amnesia.
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