Have you experienced any life-threatening situations?

November 2, 2007 12:45pm CST
I have. During one of our vacations in the countryside, the motor that were riding got hit by another incoming motor. Everything happened very fast, so many blood and people all around us. I'm very lucky because I was thrown out of the motor and landed on a soft spot beside the road. The two drivers were badly hurt and blood was all over their body. Until now, I can't forget the looks on their faces. It was horrible. How about you? Have you ever had any experiences?
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• Philippines
13 Nov 07
This happened when I was a kid. Our house was near the beach then. I use to go to beach alone with out asking permission from my parents. I did not know yet how to swim. One morning, I took a bath on the shallow part. Since I was trying to learn how to swim, I just stayed on the shallow part of the water. Every morning the fishermen come home from fishing. Their boat were pulled towards the seashore. However, there are one or two boats which were just left on the shallow part by just placing an anchor so that it will not be carried away by the water current. This was one of the best place where we children use to play. We have to climb on to the boat and then jump into the water. The first time climbed on the boat I enjoyed very much. Without noticing, it was already high tide. The boat was already on the deep part of the sea. When I jumped, it was already too deep for me I could not anymore reached the sandy part of the water. I feel I was sinking. I was trying to catch my breath but I was chocking. I drank so much salty water. I was very lucky there was man who was strolling along the shore saw me that I was drowning. He immediately run & swam towards me & helped me got on the water. I sit down on the shore and vomitted the salty water with in me. I was tired and nervous. It was then that I realized the importance of having somebody older than me to accompany me.
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@cliffcliff (1350)
• United States
30 Nov 07
Why were you not wearing the safety belt? this is why people get killed when thrown from the car. Please wear the belt ALWAYS - you have been given another chance to live. I hope the drivers are recovering, bless you then.
• Philippines
1 Dec 07
I am not wearing safety belt because there isn't any. It will be great if someone will initiate to add seatbelts in their motors so that less accidents will occur. ..^^..cherry