Does cost = quality of food?

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November 2, 2007 3:15pm CST
My boys are Marshall ferrets and when we adopted them we were told that we had to feed them high quality EXPENSIVE kitten food for the simple fact that was all they would eat. After about a month of that we decided to try them on ferret food...however even the marshal ferret food costs an arm and a leg so we tried Mazuri. They eat it better than the kitten food! We have also given them marshal food to see how they did on it and they do just as well. They have no adverse affects such as diareah and they are overall healty. Does it matter what ferret food we give them as long as they like it and its not harming them? The main reason I ask is because I pay $10 for a 4lb bag of marshal or I pay $26 for a 25lb bag of mazuri at a feed store. that is quite a bit of savings and it saves me from having to buy ferret food every week, because lets face it, those guys can eat!
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9 Dec 07
I feed my boys Zupreem. It's about in the middle price wise,maybe closer to the higher end, but the quality is AMAZING. I got my boys as rescues and their health improved dramatically with this food. I recommended it to a friend and it worked miracles for her ferrets too. you can get it at Petco.
@Nephthys (22)
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3 Dec 07
I feed mine 8-in-1 advanced crunchy ferret food. It is very important what you feed them in order to make sure they receive all the nutrition needed for their little bodies. Check out this link for foods and ratings:
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2 Nov 07
"My boys are Marshall ferrets..." You've given birth to Marshall Ferrets?