Microsoft's Windows Live disaster gets worse

@VKXY62 (1606)
November 2, 2007 9:25pm CST
User of Windows software have been pulling their hair out for months, and Microsoft are trying hard to sweep it under the SHHHH don't tell anyone carpet. The cat has been out of the bag for some months though. The Windows O.S. has serious errors which Microsoft have not been able to fix despite spending years working on the problem. And guess what, Microsoft have released Windows Live, actually forcing it on you whether you want it or not, and P.C.'s are dying in their droves. Symptoms are your computer will slow down and or stop functioning. This caused by Windows Live forcing the SVCHOST.EXE to engage the windows live update, this then gets tangled with the MSI.DLL and everything falls into a big heap and jams up with 100% CPU cycles meaning nothing else is going to happen. Patch after patch did nothing, and the problem that turned up now and then in XP is biting millions due to Windows Live, which in my opinion should be called Windows Dead. There is NO fix, but there is a work around. You must shutdown or turn off windows update. Windows live has also removed the headers from your emails so no-one can tell if we are getting genuine emails from ebay or any other sources or fake phishing scams, you need to be able to see the header information. Now, using Windows, it is all gone. One must wonder about the decisions that get made in that place. Windows have special sites that feed ads out to folks using their software, and others, almost impossible to block. Some sites including eBay will not load if ad blocking software is active on your machine, they try to load a beacon into your computer to see if they can bombard you, a beacon is a 1 pixel GIF image. Microsoft have gone sick in the lets shove ads down everyones throat department, ads and videos galore, whether you want them or not. This is great if you happen to be attempting to transmit real time telemetry and all of a sudden a stupid ad for blasted LavaLife appears. Again they shoot themselves in the head. It is almost impossible to believe they let this software loose. Good luck with your disaster Microsoft, as a software developer that designs software for computers from screen resolution 800 x 600 and up, nice to see that Windows Live doesn't display much on 800 x 600 screens. I have had my own disaster from lack of knowledge, but hey, I am only one person. If you run Windows and are experiencing a few wicked problems, google for Windows Live and your flavour of problem whether it be Messenger, Mail or Writer. Messenger also stuffs up when the ads start coming in. The other parties voice will sound like a rubber band or vanish while the ad takes precedence.
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3 Nov 07
Some people laugh at me for using an obsolet version of windows, but it helps me to avoid problems like this. I also avoid most new viruses as they are not written for old windows, but new windows.
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