how many guys here see prison break??

November 3, 2007 12:09am CST
seaon 3 is beaome more boring than that of before. i hope it end as soon as possible~ pls do not make it a long-boring soap program!! btw: sara's dead is exactly what i hope!!!!! wonderful death!!
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@fairyanny (363)
• China
6 Jan 08
I like it so much.It is great.I will wait for it to the end.
@ptotheb (230)
• New Zealand
19 Nov 07
season 3 is not boring. in my opinion its as good as the previous two seasons. although what makes me mad is that the producers keep pausing the show when something interesting happens. as much as i adored sarah in the beginning i lost it while waiting for season 3. So i guess im not exactly moaning.
• India
11 Nov 07
I have heard about this wonderful serial from my friend.he is a regular viewer.since i dont have fox tv i am not able to see it.but he narrates the story to me.recently i heard its going to be moved off from fox friend is really worried about it
@Moliliuzu (141)
• China
3 Nov 07
I think it should be ended in the last episode of season 2.When sara show up in the boat,and tell then that lincon is set free .That would be perfect ending.
• Romania
3 Nov 07
I'm a fan of the program. I havened seen all of the episodes from the third season but I know what will happen. This summer I have seen a special episode from Prison Break and the writer said that Prison Break will have 5 seasons. I think that this is a big streak and I can't seen what will they do after this season. But the writer has a big imagination and we all have to wait and see. Take care, ScarFace.