I'm starting to think life isn't worth it.

United States
November 3, 2007 12:47am CST
I spend 10 hours a day working. I spend 4 a day in or working on college and i go home late at night with no friends becuase they all went off to college while i stayed close to home. I work my tail off and i never see the end of it. I honestly feel kind of pushed over the edge. I just want to drop everything and stop caring. I get on the computer when i'm feeling lonely, and try and make a few more bucks, so maybe i wont have to work so many hours, to pay off my $400 dollar books for college. Its just getting really old... It rally doesnt seem worth it...
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• China
3 Nov 07
This is life! We must do something which we don't like sometime! So do I.
@owstalaga (4666)
• Philippines
3 Nov 07
Hey there! =) Maybe it's just one of those days when we all feel down. ^_^ I also feel that way whenever i'm just so sick and tired of working all the time. Haha. But i've learned to relax and take time out for myself and not be too hard on me. Sometimes it really helps to relax and breathe deeply every once in a while. Why don't you email your friends just so you keep in touch with them? Don't feel so bad. It's just one of those days. =) Try and look at the brighter side of things sometimes. Think of happy thoughts even if you don't feel like it. Hope this helps! =)