Renal Cyst Aspiration

Renal cyst - My husband is contemplating to go through a medical procedure known as Renal Cyst Aspiration; however, we are not so sure if it is really effective--that is, it will not come back again...
@psyche49f (2511)
November 3, 2007 2:30am CST
My husband was supposed to undergo a procedure known as renal cyst aspiration as soon as the ultra sound showed him having cyst on his kidney about 6 cm in size. However, when we went to see another doctor for a second opinion, he advised us that such should still be observed and did not advise for a RCA; however if the cyst grows by January, it will be removed through surgery by then. However, recently, he suffered mild back pain, attributing it to the cyst after playing badminton. Lately, he decided to go through the Renal Cyst Aspiration next week. Do you think this is the best option? The doctors it seems are divided over the issue. I want to know if anyone here has experienced this procedure and if it is really effective so that we will have peace of mind. Hope you can share...
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@opinione (749)
• Italy
3 Nov 07
I can tell you that my father had experienced such a disease, and the doctor performed twice an operation of RCA, ultra-sonic guided. The problem never returned, at a distance of more than 20 years. Doctors said that this disease can be found in the kindred, but recently I'd an ultra sonic examination of my abdomen, negative, no cysts to be found on both kidneys.
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@psyche49f (2511)
• Philippines
29 Dec 07
Thanks...just an hubby did go through the procedure (RCA) and is now doing well. Thanks that the fluid extracted showed no carcinogenic cells; simply means that his cyst is benign...had it at the National Kidney Institute in Manila. Happy New Year...
• Philippines
19 Mar 13
Hi psyche49f, I hope you could give us an idea how much (more or less) did this procedure costs you at National Kidney Institute in Manila? Thanks...
• United States
5 Aug 10
Hey there I had this procedure done on Monday and have had it done mulitple times due to polycystic kidney disease! I have over 150 cyst and my kidneys are very huge and painful! The cyst aspiration is helpful but does not relieve the pain for very long before I'm in pain again, however might be helpful for a person with 1-2 cyst hope this helps some and if u have more questions feel free to ask! Celine
• United States
12 Aug 10
I was just diagnosed with a 11cm Left Renal Cyst and was told by the specialist that I need to have it aspirated (they expect 300cc or more) and we will schedule removal surgery in the next month or two. I am scheduled for the aspiration tomorrow morning. I'm not sure what to expect, wondering how painful, how long is recovery, will I have immediate relief from this aspiration. I am in so much pain at the moment, my lower back, ribs and entire torso hurts. I'm nervous and not sure really how the precedure is performed, it's all been sudden (with the doctors) I have been in pain for months, but thought that I may have pulled a muscle. Went to the ER and after a CT scan was told that it was a cyst. It is not a tumor, no cancer, just a cyst.
• United States
26 Aug 10
I started having pain in April of 2009. Was diagnosed as a kidney infection. After 4 more kidney infections in the next year, I knew there had to be something other than just an infection as each time the pain got worse. In June I had an IVP test which is basically a set of xrays taken with dye to show the entire urinary tract. This came up clear. No kidney stone, or narrowing, blockages and everything was of normal size. My doctor said I might be in the early stages of Type II diabetes which could cause chronic kidney infections. After 2 days of severe pain, I went to the emergency room for help. I had a CT scan which showed a 4 cm cyst on my left kidney and referred to a urologist. He recommended it be aspirated which it was and had slightly over 75 cc's of fluid removed. The procedure itself is fairly straight forward. You are given an IV with a sedative, but not enough to make you fall asleep. Lay down on the CT bed with the painful side facing up toward the doctor. Local anesthetic is administered which was the most painful part in my opinion. I felt the pressure of the aspiration needle but it was just pressure, not painful. They drained the liquid and the IV was removed and was wheeled into a recovery room for several hours. The procedure itself lasted maybe 20 minutes at most. I was told that there is a possibility that these type of cysts can refill. It could be a matter of days, weeks, months, years or if really lucky, never will bother you again. I was not so lucky. Two weeks later I started to feel pain again. My original urologist was out of the country so I saw an associate. He said I needed to go in for another CT and if he was me, he would have the cyst removed to prevent it from coming back so soon. I got the CT and saw yet another associate as the other one was on vacation. This guy barely gave me the time of day and told me to go see a chiropractor as it was NOT my kidney at all. I was in tears and drove immediately to my family doctor. He recommended I wait to see the original urologist and called to make the appointment himself so that I got the first available appointment on the urologists arrival back to work. I have 4 more days till that appointment and am praying that he will agree to do the surgery. I'm not thrilled about surgery, but it can only make this constant pain go away so that I can live a normal life again. Will post a follow up as soon as I know more. I hope my experience gives someone in the same situation help and thanks for letting me vent my frustrations as well!
@williamjisir (22900)
• China
4 Nov 07
Hello psyche. I am sorry to hear that your hubby has that problem. My old grandpa used to have that problem and he felt very painful when it happened and then he had to lie in bed and my uncle would come to help him. But I am sorry that I didn't know what he did with my old grandpa. I was young and only knew that he often had that problem...