The Secret (Book)

@segomi (43)
United States
November 3, 2007 4:49am CST
Has anyone out there purchased or seen the DVD called "The Secret?" I have seen the movie and I also bought the book to use later as a reference when I wanted to get a "Refresher" on everything. Does anyone have any experiences they would like to share of how it has worked for them? I can't say that I have been as dedicated to it as I would like to be, but I understand the message it is trying to get across. If only I could really apply myself to it. I'm hoping that someone out there might have some ideas of what really works best for them to manifest their desires using this book. Thanks!!!!
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• United States
5 Nov 07
I saw the movie/DVD the Secret, and have gone to a couple of lectures by people who (at least claimed) to be consultants to the book. Since high school (over 20 years ago), I've been a believer in visualization and positive thinking, but my opinion of the Secret is that it is a good introduction. It seems to simplify positive thinking too much, that all it takes is thought to make things happen. I'm much more of a Jose Silva (Mind control method) and Tony Robbins (Unlimited Power) fan than of teh Secret. They advocate more of a combination of visualization plus preparation.
@segomi (43)
• United States
7 Nov 07
Hmmmm. Never heard of Jose Silva before. I will have to check out his stuff.
@lilaclady (28236)
• Australia
4 Nov 07
I saw part of the DVD of The Secret and found it very interesting, I have always believed in the power of positive thinking, I have experienced the affect of positve thinking but it is a very long story which I dedicated my webpage to the result of it, I think if you think about something with such a passion you really do set your path.