how do you build up your stamina?

August 13, 2006 6:01am CST
I really want to build my stamina and I don't seem to be of much progress. Ii'm pretty good at sport and I really badly want to make it into the soccer team but with my stamina it's very unlikely. I'm pretty fast on my feet but what the use if I get tired so easily? So can anyone give me some tips on ways to build my stamina?
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@cyrux004 (949)
• India
13 Aug 06
Dont loose your patience so fast. The virtue of a sports man is to never loose his patience until the last min. First you need to prepare ur self mentally... Its not easy to build up stamina in a short span of time. You have to try hard for 6-12 months continiuos. Here are some tips to increase stamina Since you are trying for football.. you need some good running practise. Run atleast 3 miles a day and clock your time.Try to lower your time as week by week and then you will reach some threshold after which your time will more or less be same. Now you can try increasing your distance Now coming on diet plan... it would be best if you can advise of some good nutritionist.. eat dry fruits along with milk daily. Have some high fibre content cereal in breakfast.. have lots of fruits and vegetables. Take some meat every day.. have a high protein diet and try cutting on carbohydrates