November 3, 2007 12:36pm CST
hiiiiiiii frnds.......... whom do u feel will win the next cricket world cup.... as we all know dat australia ws previous world champions bt india is the recent 20-20 world cup champion.... whoes in better form??????? who will win world cup???
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• India
4 Nov 07
I think 20-20 should be seen as a different form of cricket. I m not bullying the credibility of the Indian team, but in a 20-20 match its quite easy for a side batting first to put pressure on the side battin second. maybe it be australia or west indies against bangladesh. In a 50-50 match the pressure is quite relaxed and australia performs much better with overall performance and i still would put money on australia, but for 20-20 its always India..
4 Nov 07
ya im satisfied by ur answer but our team india is in great form nower days ... our youngsters are performing very well and the chances 4 next world cup are more 4 india... bt cnt say this is a game of luck...