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November 3, 2007 4:33pm CST
I have a son diagnosed with severe auditory processing disorder in 2nd grade. He is now in 3rd grade and doing very well with much studying and one on one time. My question, does anyone have a child with the same disorder and how has their school life been. Does special ed carry over into the later years of school and do they give the same consessions or students in their later years of school?
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@karendva (118)
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3 Nov 07
Just to give you a background on me ..I am a speech language therapist at the PreK, middle and high school level. I have many students at all levels with an auditory processing disorder. Hopefully you have an IEP for your son with modifications and accomodations to assist him with his difficulties. For your question, yes there are many things that are available for children at all levels. I make sure that all of my language impaired students (auditory processing would fall under the language impaired category at least here in FL due to the receptive and expressive issues) have the accomodations needed. Most of my language impaired students are in regular mainstream classes with the help of accomodations and a thing called cooperative consulation. Cooperative consultation is a person who is there to assist children who have a need for a quiet room, need extra time to do a test, need extra help on assignments, etc. If my language impaired student is not eligible for any other program, they do have the possibility of being in special ed classes partially or fully depending on their academic need. One thing that I have noticed, and I am sure that your child's therapist at school or teachers have told you, that children with an auditory processiong disorder learn better with note cards. Note cards reinforce everything that they hear and help them pull it out and use it. Hopefully this has helped. If you have any questions please let me know.