Do you know what thing do you best want to do in your life?

@mari123 (1862)
November 4, 2007 1:46am CST
Maybe I don't know what we like to do or what we can do well. but whenever or whatever happened ,don't abuse what you now own, because if you can do it well that you don't like, what else you can't realize! Although now I 'm not able to use English freely,I'm trying my best . help me to improve ,thanks!
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• China
6 Nov 07
In my twenties, I never thought about this question, but I felt happy as if what I was doing was what I wanted to do best. But in my thirties, I often felt puzzled and often asked myself this question:"What in the world do I want to get?" as if what I am doing now is not what I want. Maybe I should live as simply as I did in my twenties and never use such question to annoy myself. But whatever I do or whatever I choose, I will cherish what I have now and never abuse them. That is where I agree.
@williamjisir (22885)
• China
4 Nov 07
Well mari. I think that your English is perfect to me. I still remember some of your previous discussions had wonderful words with excellent English structures and not a single mistake could be found. I was wondering how come you had learnt English so well. Anyway I am happy for you that you have such a strong desire to improve your English to a higher and better level. There is no end to learning. Keep it up, buddy.
@migenKC (792)
• Philippines
4 Nov 07
all my life i want to go to the moon even for just once. hihi... im not doing everything to have it cause i know thats a long term goal... all im doing now to achieve it is to make my life be better so i can afford to go there. i never had a doubt i cant do this dream and i will always keep on beliving! have a nice day.. :)