6 Years To 60 Years – Life of “ASIAN WOMEN”

@subathra (3519)
November 4, 2007 7:14am CST
It is a debatable question of asian women's life some time after completion of day's work when they go to bed to take rest they shed tears in silence.Mostly they feel they are reprimanded by their sons and daughters When rewind their early life it was fine and commendable. In school days they lead very comfortable life .Both father and mother love these girls very affectionately .They get good education.They move freely .. they are allowed to have lot of friends .No hurdles what so ever they face. When they go to college the troble starts.Considering their age they get imposed time limit.They have to return in time.They are disallowed to move freely.For each and everythig the mother wants answers.the mother keep on advise her not to do on her own free will..The daughters although they love their mother they hate to listen to their advices.This sort of situation sometime brings negative result. Once college education is over she finds a job with good remunuration .She feels she is grown up and she tries to do things on her own .She is reluctant to accepts her mother's advice any more.Sometime she falls in love with acceptable reasons whereas the parents do not like this love affair and unnecessarily see their daughter with doubts. By chance if this love affair comes true it ends in marriage.After the marriage this girl faces a new set of people new relation such as father in law, mother in law and in laws. In case if she finds it difficult to adjust herself with these people nothing but there are unending troubles.She keeps on torturing her husband in the night as she wants to shift to a separate house.In long run her husband decides to go to a new house leaving his parents When time goes she gets kids. She brings up her kids as she wants them to be . But when they matured enough to understand this world they go on their own way.They turn deaf ear to her and valuable advices of her are turned down as she did to her parents when she was young . There is no point to lament.When kids know what is good and what is wrong why the mother prevents her children .What did not she realise her past life .If she could to things without taking of her parents advice when she was yopung then her children have their rights to do things on their own. I think lot of development have occurred in recent years in the life of women but still i strongly feel that there are many more aspects that needs change in womens life.. I presume all asian women 6 to 60 years lead their life in this manner.please share your thoughts..
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@rb200406 (1824)
• India
9 Nov 07
This is the whole story.Thats what i want to say there should not be too much interference of parents in the childrens life.It ruin the life of child.Just because they are your children does not mean that you governhis or her life.
@SViswan (12065)
• India
6 Nov 07
I seriously doubt if an asian woman's life can be generalized this way. I'm sure there are women like the ones you've mentioned ..but I feel they are a minority. Most women nowadays have a say in matters of the family..they are earning and standing shoulder to shoulder with the man of the house and both sets of parents are supporting them in this. I agree that the joint family is on the decline but there is a new set of nuclear families where the grandparents play an important role and joint decisions are taken. Women are going ahead in their careers with the help of their husbands and both their set of parents. The family scenario is changing today and so is the role of the woman. I agree that it's not perfect and the woman still has a major burden compared to the man and there are certain restrictions on her - but most of it is for security reasons more that someone trying to dominate her. So, I beg to differ and say that all asian women from 6 to 60 do not lead life in this manner.
@cupid74 (11388)
• Pakistan
5 Nov 07
Well Subathra its life cycle and its keep on going but i think women in India and Pakistan are more secre then in wwests what u think
@star011 (24)
• United States
4 Nov 07
As deebomb said I too think these are all problems women all over the world face.But the attitude towards love marriage is unique to some asian countries I guess.I don't understand why parents are so reluctant to let their child choose the person he/she want to share their life with.
@deebomb (15315)
• United States
4 Nov 07
I don't believe that this is just an Asian Woman's problem but a world wide problem. As Children we listen to our parents because we have not yet learned to think independantly and we worship our parents but as we get older we still love our parents(Mother) but we are starting to think for our selves and want to live our live by our own choices. Then we do the same things our mothers do even though we say we never will. Women are the same the world over. People are the same the world over. we love, we have the same desires and needs but we approach these neds and wants differently and that is why each nationality is so uneque.