@subathra (3519)
November 4, 2007 7:19am CST
People of asian countries must have known the valuable usage of turmeric powder.I presume this article will serve the rest of countries and also i feel the mylot people let more information about this . Actually in village this powder serves as a great medicine .If some one gets cuts while working in the farm the only treatment is this turmeric powder.While bleeding if this powder is applied it stops bleeding and it has power to heal the cut wounds. this powder is also used as a bleaching ingredient along with milk and applied in face to get rid from pimples.. Those who suffer from asthma disease although there is no medicine invented to cure this terrible disease,it can be kept under controlled by drinking hot milk with 2 tea spoon of turmeric powder daily . It has no side affect. This is a genuine medicine . Do share some medicinal value, beauty tips of turmeric powder....
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• India
9 Nov 07
Yes,you are correct.I think turmeric powdwer is one of the important ingredients in any ayurvedic face cream and it can increase the fairness of the skin.
@rb200406 (1824)
• India
9 Nov 07
We have been using turmeric for ages now for various aiments as mentioned.Turmerivc is antiseptic & we have known it from 1000 of years.
@kkittu (426)
• India
7 Nov 07
asthama treatment is new to me my friend is a asthama patient and i think in emergency this is good to use, applying powder on cuts is true, i do this when i dont have medicines, and its really useful......... nise post,+ to ur post
@Nykkee (2523)
• Canada
5 Nov 07
I don't quite understand. You say that tumeric combined with milk is a "bleaching ingredient" and then go on to say "to get rid of pimples". Is that two different uses? I am white and although I would use a home remedy to try to get rid of pimples I do not want to use something that would bleach my skin as in Western Culture it is actually more desireable to by tanned than really light complected.
@cupid74 (11388)
• Pakistan
5 Nov 07
Hi Subathra Turmeric powder is really very good and used as medicine i have my self used it when i have cut on my hand, its really effectice to stop bleeding and healing, but mind it also cause pain as like u apply Sprit on wound, LOL. other then advantages u stated, if its used with milk, it help to heal inner wounds of body. also its good to heal broken bones turmeric mask is also good for body and keep skin clean and smooth take care