What do you think is an effective teacher?

@yohyue (112)
November 4, 2007 9:36am CST
Teacher play important role in a person's life.What do you think? Throughout my life, i have come across many types of teachers. Many of them have inspired me and influenced my life.Some are good at their job but some have made my life downright miserable. What makes an effective teacher? To me he or she must be knowledgeable in his or her own field. Pupils quickly lose respect for teacher who unable to answer a simple question or solve a simple problem, related to their field. They should also honest with pupils if they do not know the answer and make efforts to improve themselves. Are you a teacher? What do you think ? Apart form that, i think an effective teacher should also be able to impart his/ her knowledge to his student. I once had mathematics teacher who was genius but he could not tell us clearly how he solved mathematics problems. Such a teacher is of no use to pupils. An effective teacher is able to simplify a difficult concept and help pupils to understand them He is able to teach even weak pupils. Do you agree? Please give your opinion. Furthermore, he/ she should also continue to keep abreast with the latest developments of his field and the world in general.it is rather embarrassing when student seem to know more about what is going on in the world than the teacher who seem contented using the same notes year in and year out. Teacher play such an important role in a pupil's life. An effective teacher is someone who is a role model- Who not only educates his pupils but also ignites and inspires them towards becoming wholesome individuals.
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• Philippines
4 Nov 07
i think the most effective teacher is the person that care about others and value their worth..i mean,that person have to be a servant,a follower,and most of all not just a good man but a man that is striving to be good in anyway.because we all know that no one is perfect.the best teacher for me is Jesus Christ..because eventhough i can't see Him with my literal eye,i can see Him with my experiences..
@yohyue (112)
• Malaysia
5 Nov 07
You are right, no one is perfect. We can be 100% be we must try our best to be 99%. I think that is the reason why we are here, god want us to learn here.