Are you interest in shopping online ???

@kidwho (33)
November 4, 2007 9:49am CST
Do you have any experience buy something you like online such by eBay ? Internet shopping can provide more economic commodities and more convenient because you can purchase almost anything you want at home or anywhere just need a computer which connects Internet.But some people concern that internet shopping isn't safe and you can not see the real goods before buy it. As a matter of fact, there is a considerable fake products on Internet shops.What do you think about Internet shopping or make some advice to customers who bought or want to buy goods online?
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@maybebaby (1231)
• Canada
4 Nov 07
I love shoppig online. You really don't have to worry much when you shop with real stores, like Amazon. They are real businesses and you don't usually have a problem shopping with them. Shopping with ebay can be a bit scary. My best advice is to fist check the sellers rating to see what other people have said about them. If they have a lot of negative feebback shop with someone else.
@kidwho (33)
4 Nov 07
I ordered two textbooks from Amazon two weeks ago but I haven't received so far.a little bit worry about its delivery,you know,strike action hits postal service in England last severl weeks.....bad luck
@jbrooks (264)
• United States
6 May 08
i buy on ebay and i use this site where you actually earn money back from all your purchases. i have gotten paid from them twice know and i love it. i can give you the link if you would like. there are over 200 other places where you can earn like godaddy,target,walmart and more.
• India
5 May 08
Well I wouldn’t say that I am too much interested in internet shopping. For one, there is always the fear that the things wont turn up and once your money is gone, there is precious little you can do about it. And then until and unless you have felt the product, you may not get the same thing as you have seen on the net. Then there is the matter of foreign currency conversion rate. Being from India, I am disadvantaged on this count as most international sites offer items which are beyond my means and buying the same thing from India would actually be a little cheaper. However I bought a garment from ebay-India which was OK in terms of quality and pricing.
@kitty_7 (280)
• Netherlands
5 May 08
Yes, I like that too much! you can do it whenever you want ! and the shop will never close! : )
@hyzz1982 (1040)
• China
11 Nov 07
no. i have not done so. but my classmates did. they all like shopping by Alibaba which is a famous shopping website in china and other countries. and some of my classmates even have a shop on the website themselves. they make money by buying in a low price and sell in a high price.