child with adhd

United States
November 4, 2007 10:19am CST
anyone have a child with adhd can you tell me some of the things that aggravate you with there problem to see if i have some of the same issues thanks.
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@suehan1 (4355)
• Australia
5 Nov 07
hi my son has adhd and i am a single mum.i think the thing that aggravates me the most is the lack of support services available.i have no male support for him and trying to find a service to help me with this is near impossible.i have tried sporting groups etc.,but as you know their interest levels fade out after a while and you have to look at other options.also i hate having to go to the specialist every six months just to get told the same old thing.i am just waiting for the day he grows out of it.i hope this helps
• United States
6 Nov 07
hello there well im not sure what to tell on the growing out of it part beacuse my son is 13 almost 14 in jan he was diognosed however u spell that but when he was 5 and im still dealing with issues hes been in just about all the meds nothings change he still does things he knows not to do hes on the mind wave of a 2yr old sometimes drive me nuts i find myself having to watch him more then the baby and i hope youres dont end up trying to get the wrong kinda attention like mine its seems hed rather get bad attention then good im going threw alot with him and i to hope and pray he grows outof it soon.
@suehan1 (4355)
• Australia
7 Nov 07
i know where you are coming son went through a really bad patch with bad behaviour as socially he did not know how to interact with other children,so he would hit them or throw away their hats etc.after many sessions with the school we came up with a mentor program and he has not been in so much trouble at school this year. i know they are such a handful and certainly harder to look after than a smaller child,but it seems to get a bit easier to handle,as they get older,or we just get better at handling them.if you need to talk any time just message me cheers sue