Interesting movie

November 4, 2007 8:38pm CST
try to watch pursuit of happyness it will make you cry and be inspired with the story, have you watched the movie? please post a comment to encourage others to see these touching movie.
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@cuicuiha (22)
• China
9 Nov 07
This film deserved your time, at least one time. As a common people, with humble dreams, I think the happiness comes from daily life. Happiness is not at the terminal,but along our life journey. No matter it is "possible" or "probably", we have to believe it is not too bad.
• India
5 Nov 07
Yes. It is a an excellent movie. I have seen the movie twice. The action of both Smith and Christopher is too good and they both made the audience to feel for them. Above all the movie sent a moral to all to be optimistic in their life and at one period you will be rewarded for your sincere trails.The highlight of the movie is the movement of happiness expressed by Smith when he got the job finally. Exactly that movement is called to be Persuit of Happyness. I strognly recommend all to watch this movie.
@Juliayin (22)
• China
5 Nov 07
Hi. I haven't seen the film you recommanded, but I plan to appreciate it. Yesterday, I appreciate Final Destination. It's so horrible and disgusting that I didn't have a good sleep last night. Last time I seen Ghostship, it invokes the same feeling.