the mystery of blogging

November 4, 2007 10:08pm CST
I have been wondering why blogging is addictive. I write my entries, which are composed of not only articles, but my deepest emotions, longings, whining, pining, and everything else. I read that somebody said that blogging is like a confession booth. Yes I do have friends, but sometimes you cannot really pour out everything. Or even if I can do it sometimes, it is not all the time that they can be there for me. Unlike, bloggin. I can type my thoughts and feelings anytime and just upload it. Sometimes I get views, sometimes I get comments, but even if I don’t the mere fact that I was able to write what’s in my heart and mind and seeing it online brings a different kind of relief. Maybe is a psychological thing, but it helps me get through whatever I am facing. And it’s better if I get comments. Thank God that so far, the comments I get (especially in my emotional blogs) are sympathetic. So far, the comments I get are from sensitive people, real people who also share the same grief, or passion, or would just like to offer a helping hand. But I think that the greatest mystery is that, I am unknown here. I can be myself here without fear of recognition. I may be judged for the things that I write or for my convictions, but I wouldn’t be judged as a person because nobody knows me. I may have established an email relationship with susmaryosep but that’s how close we get. I am thankful for this avenue, as sometimes I get into my most difficult moments. And I thank this avenue, too, for I can have some of my articles that weren’t published in the past, gain some readership. :-)
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@musicman6 (2391)
• United States
9 Nov 07
spoiled, I believe you do have a good perspective of blogging, and I too, feel the same way! Ironically, when someone mentioned to me about blogging, of course naturally I was skeptic! I had no idea what it was about, nor how to go about getting started! But upon insistence of one of my "online friends", I went ahead and plunged right on in to it! And after a few days, I started to enjoy it, and was glad I started, because I feel that it is just another one of my "niches", where I can express, and expand!
• Malaysia
5 Nov 07
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