How did you spend Halloween and the long weekend?

By gems
November 4, 2007 10:50pm CST
My husband and I planned to take a short vacation in his parents' place. Unfortunately, we are currently encountering financial difficulty and are short of cash. Transportation expenses going to and coming from his hometown amounts to more than 30 US dollars, including meals during the trip. Though I personally wanted to breathe some fresh air from the fields, I'm also worried being short in funds. With this in mind, we decided to stay here in the city with only the three (me, my husband, and our daughter) of us in the house. We used our cash on hand to purchase our daily meals and other necessities of our daughter (infant milk, diaper, fruits, etc.). How about you? How did you spend the long vacation? Were you able to have the elusive rest you were longing for? Were you able to see friends and acquaintances whom you had never seen or visited for a long time?
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