Milla Jovovich names child "Ever"

United States
November 6, 2007 5:53am CST
I just read a news story that Milla Jovovich gave birth to a daughter yesterday and has name the girl Ever. The story can be read here: The first thing that I will admit is that I must live under a rock, because I have no clue who this woman is. She appears to be an actress. But, my question is: Do you think naming children with such strange names is a good thing? I wouldn't personally name my children so strangely and I hope my kids don't name my grandchildren in this fashion. But, a lot of our "common" names weren't used 100 years ago so people thought they were strange, too. What do you think?
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• United States
6 Nov 07
I believe she is a model or something, and while it is a strange name, and not one I would ever pick, famous people seem to like to name their kids with strange names. Look at Gwyneth Paltro she named her little girl apple, and demi moore named hers rumor. Very odd but they definately are unforgettable names.
• United States
6 Nov 07
Apple, though strange, I could live with. To name a child rumor is just terrible in my opinion!
• Philippines
8 Nov 07
So many parents nowadays give strange names to their children. Maybe they just wanted to their child to be unique even for their names only? In our country their are girls name of the same sound in its first syllable - EVERLASTING. This is a kind of flower that is usually used to make garlands for MARY mother of God. In my country, so many others have unique names, that makes me wonder where their parents got them. Before, during my granparents or parents time, they usually were given Spanish names which is understandable because we've been under the Spanish rule for 300 years. Nowadays, a lot of foreign sounding names which can be a combination of two to three names were given to a child (pity the child coz he/she will have a hard time time writing in pre and grade school). Of course, there are still a lot who gave Spanish names (since they still sounds beautifully with beautiful meaning), but usually it is already a combination. My children have two combinations of foreign names, but they are not strange ones. They are quite popular names that can be remembered easily.