Correction to previous Alex (of Grey's Anatomy) Discussion

@mari_skye (1638)
November 6, 2007 6:09am CST
Oopss... Guess I should have been more specific in my earlier discussion about Alex. I forgot to mention that I am talking about the TV show "Grey's Anatomy".... (Thanks cdparazo for the response:P. The original discussion is as follows: I am not sure if it is just me or some other viewers are confused as well about Alex's character. Last season, Alex kind of evolved from being a jack-a** into someone who could actually consider other people's feelings. They showed him to be sensitive and someone you could like and actually love. But then the episode last night got me really puzzled. The scene where he revealed that George was a repeater in his internship surprised me. I thought Alex has changed. Why then did he behave that way? Anyone care to explain? Thanks!
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