Risk in life!!!

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November 7, 2007 12:37pm CST
I sometimes wonder about life and how we live it.. Are we destined to be where we are at forever or is it just fate? I seriously ponder this at times.. I mean how much of we do is predetermined and how much is actual fate. I also wonder what risk in life are you willing to take? And if you are willing to take a risk what would you take that risk for? and what limitations would you put said risk? Or would you walk with out even attempting said risk? I'll give you my answer if you give me yours.
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21 Nov 07
I don't think you can make life how you want it. i think it is predetermined. I work hard yet have nothing and can not get ahead. Every time things look up a little then something happens to put me back in a bind. I have had more "Acts of God" in my life then most people over 100 have been through. My husband is full of gray at 30 because of all we have been thoguh. We live well below the poverty standards but not by choice. No one wants to be poor someone of us are not born with the silver spoon though.
• United States
23 Nov 07
I agree that no one choses to be poor or live below poverty standards. I hate to say it but your preaching to the choir. Because let's just say everytime I turn around and start to have a good thing happen something comes along to contradict the positive things I have done.. Now is it because I have been predetermined to have a crappy life or is just because crap happens .. I don't think that the moon stars or what ever diety or god you believe in has it in for me or anyone.. I just think in todays society our economy sucks and is heading toward a big recession and we just have happen to live in that area .. Trust me I get assistance and can barely afford to live ... My van has been broke down for several months now and I can't afford to get it fixed and it's my only mean of transportation .... I have 5 kids and this christmas is going to not be a great one because I'm working on unemployment of less than 200 a week less than what I was making when I was working. Trust me I understand that life isn't easy but I don't think that god predetermined us to have crappy lives.. some things are what you make of it. For example would you marry your husband all over agian ...? does he make you life happy even through the hard times? could you imagine spending it with anyone else other than him? You chose who you married... that was a decision you made just like if it wasn't working out you could choose to seperate for a while or get divorce.. Maybe some things are predertimed like when we are going to live and die, but I don't think that we are given more than we can handle in life.. Just try to look at the positive... You seem to be under the notion that I was born with a silver spoon.. I wasn't and do not have one.. I can barely afford to keep everything going in my house.. I worked very hard all my life nothing has ever been handed to me ... I started working to buy clothes and school lunches when I was in 9th grade and was bounced between my mom and gram.. I know what it is like to have nothing and then start to get somewhere and then get punched in the stomache and set back further than what you were before.. I don't chose to live on next to nothing but where I live jobs are not easy to come by.. and you have to have a working vehichle to get to where you need to go and in order to buy a vehichle you have to have a job to pay for it. It's a vicious freaking cycle but if you look poorly on the situation then the only thing you accomplish is depression and I just won't let my situation bring me down.. I give myself and my kids hope that they can rise above the situation and find a way to get through it and give them the importance of the role of family in their life. Life is what you make of it and the risk you are willing to take in order to be where you want to be.. and what you are willing to risk for that risk... None wants to be poor trust me I know and even though there are those who are born with the silver spoon you speak of they might have objects given to them but do they have the best home life think of that someone can be very poor and have the best family and then there is the person who wants for nothing but has no family connection.. Every person has some hard ship that they go through and if you think that there isn't a person who doesn't go through a hardship your wrong just because it might not be what you consider a hardship doesn't mean that it's not. I wish you luck and jow and love in life .. Try and see things in a positive view. look at what you can do or what you might be able to do.. I'm not a very religous person but I do believe .. I also believe you are never given more than you can handle. Just breath and take it one day at a time that is all you or anyone can do..
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@raijin (10373)
• Philippines
8 Nov 07
Risk is a part of our life, as we can never be sure what might happen to us as the day passes by. I already took my risk by having a job, and that job is not that simple since I work on sea. That is already a big risk, 10 times riskier than those working on land. Well everything we do are bound to taking risks, so all we need to do is pray and make sure that nothing happens to us that would cost our life or even enjoying life for the moment..
@urbandekay (18308)
7 Nov 07
Nothing is predetermined we are free to choose amoungst 'live' choices. That is to say, I cannot choose to walk through a wall but I can choose to walk or not to walk. Nothing happens 'for a purpose' the future does not drag the present along. All that is just superstision. all the best urban