Once when I was a Kid, I tried to Learn to Fly

@buenavida (9536)
November 7, 2007 6:23pm CST
Yes, it is true, we were several kids, and we were jumping down from a gate, rather high and waving with our arms. We thought that wings would start growing on our back if we trained hard enoug. We really believed we could learn to fly. Kids have a great imagination. Have you done anything like that as a kid??
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• United States
8 Nov 07
dear buenavida, yes, i too thought i could fly, saw someting on tv earlier in the day and that evening before dinner i stood at the landing at the top of our second floor stairs and jumped, expecting to fly away. luckily i was still little, and i didn't jump any distance out so in a couple of seconds i landed back on the stairs, and went the rest of the way down to the first floor on my butt!! of course my parents both came running in from the kitche to see what all the noise was and i told them i was trying to fly...i just remembered them giggling at me........
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@buenavida (9536)
• Sweden
9 Nov 07
What an imagination! - in my days there was not even a TV so I wonder how one of my friends got that idea. I am glad you didnĀ“t hurt yourself. It must have been really fun for your parents...hehe..!:)
@buenavida (9536)
• Sweden
9 Mar 13
Just wondering what my friends here in myLot have been doing as kids.. Anyone tried to do impossible things??