How to learn English well ?

November 7, 2007 8:19pm CST
As I come from a nation where English is not the mother tonge ,I find is very hard to learn English well,especially speaking .I like English ,but I do not know how can I improve the level of my english .
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@williamjisir (22885)
• China
8 Nov 07
Good evening, dear candy tang. I am glad to say that you have come to the right site for learning English as it helps you to improve your English level. Always remember: the more you use English, the better and faster you will learn. I am sure that you will make great progress when your posts are increasing because you are using more of English. Please keep up, dear candy tang. Happy learning.
• China
9 Nov 07
Good morning !dear willianjisir . Thank you for your response and help .I will do my best to improve my English level .But there are still some trouble with me ,for sometimes when I want to say something or write something ,I really find I did not know how to start ,or when I have began I found it was hard to go on.
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• China
9 Nov 07
Hello again, dear friend. I think that you need to do more practise in listening, speaking, reading and writing if you hope to improve your English level to a higher level. You know, practice makes perfect. I hope that you will be more active at Mylot, for at least you are practising your written English while using it and thinking it in the language. Best wishes to my dear new friend. Happy learning and happy posting, dear friend.
• Pakistan
26 Dec 07
English is an important language. We should learn it as much as possible. English is not my first language, but as it is evident I can speak a little and can also write it also. I got it through continues practice. And you know practice make a person perfect and perfect. It seems hard to learn, but when you will practice to learn it you will feel that it is becoming gradually more and much easy. Read, write and learn. Nothing is impossible.
• China
27 Dec 07
Good day ,dear friend ! Thank you for your response .I will do more practice .Thank you again dear friend.
@johndur (3043)
• Pasig, Philippines
3 Jan 08
practice my friend and also try to enrich your vocabuary by reading a lot of english books and articles.that way you dont only practice speaking it but also you practice comprehension and try to use it everyday to get used to sure in only a few months you will be a good in speaking english.good luck!