Nokia N95 -- $270 . Are these a scam or truth.

November 8, 2007 1:58am CST
Well I was searching the internet when I found something like this iPhone @ $300 N95 @ $270 etc.... Check and there are lot more of these like selling expensive phone at very cheap rate. Since I am planning to buy one, I want to ask that are they real or a scam. And any tips you have to deal with them.
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@meemingNEW (2228)
• Philippines
8 Nov 07
Definitely Scam! The real price of Iphone is found at their website at which is $399 I think.. And the Nokia N95 for $270?! scam again.. its really a bargain if someone sells a Nokia N95 for that price, and they even state that the phone is brand new.. but I doubt it.. Definitely those low offers are for scam purposes.. I wasn't a victim of one, but almost.. I contacted the number posted on those websites and then asked for the price of a Nokia N Series phone.. after that, the seller just keeps on calling and sending me messages if i'm interested or what.. I was interested, but those kind of transactions can scam me of some money.. I'm happy that I ignored every call and message of the seller since It is pretty obvious that its just a scam.. Tips on buying high-end phones: 1. Better buy them at stores near you so that you can check its parts, check if the phone is in very good condition, check if its complete and etc.. 2. High-end phones are expensive, so how come those so-called companies or sellers are selling them for more than half of the original price? 3. Ebay is one online marketplace wherein you can consider buying those phones .. ebay powersellers are better than those who aren't.. Best of luck
• India
8 Nov 07
Thank You. I am not buying anyone of them now.