Problems are part of life, laugh it off.

November 8, 2007 2:20am CST
There are certain things in life one would just want to laugh them off. Peculiar situations that you actually don't consider a problem. Sometimes, whenever I am with myself strolling around town or sitting alone in a small corner of somewhere, I usually recall things that had happened to me, things that are unexpected to have happened. There was this not-so-critical situation I was into a couple of weeks ago. I myself was even shocked of why I was involved in that situation. I have been just busy doing things I usually do in my office and in the religious congregation that I am with. This situation has something to do with having been falsely accused of things that were done allegedly by me. It would have been ok and I would have retracted if I indeed did the things falsely accused against me. Here's my weakness: My mind or my brain for that matter really reacts abruptly to the things of which I haven't done. I become defensive and would want to protect my name immediately. However, sometimes, anger comes in my way, and my problem is, I let it in. I should have had listened to somebody when she said that I should just ignore it. I should have. Now that the problem is somehow gone, I still could remember these things and laugh them off all by myself. Funny really. I have been soaked to many instances such as these, and certain people know that I am innocent of the things falsely told of me. I trust these people very much for they know me inside-out. Also, those who falsely accused me of such things know what my intentions are, and that I don't mean harm to anyone. Somehow, these situations taught me many things. As what a friend advised me, I should be careful of choosing who will my friends be. Good thing I was able to withstand all this shallow waves in my life. I don't have hard feelings with these people for they too became my friends and even aided them in anyway that I could. Only that, things unexpected really happened. Having been able to pull myself up from the dark waters where I was, I thank God for not having forsaken me. And I have learned a lot from these experience. Nevertheless, of these people still would require my help, I will still gladly aid them in anyway Biblical that I could. Only that I was warned not to mingle with these people much now. In the first place, I think it was too my fault in a way. I had been warned before but then I still obeyed my own will without careful thinking. And so did happen the things unexpected to happen. Honestly, my mind is clear and innocent. Let God judge men for He knows the heart of man. He alone could see through it. And one thing more, I want to thank someone who has been one of my inspirations till as of this writing. You might not be able to comprehend what I am writing here. Just trying to write my thoughts. But if you have something to say to this "shallow-cryptic" post of mine, do so. Only one thing I would want to point out. There are solutions to problems... more if God guides you to solve these problems as we equate our formula in mathematics, physics or chemistry as to balancing the equation, or as to finding the solution per se. 'Nuff said for now. The sheet off my energy had been drained as for this moment, for I am still ill (colds, cough and fever). "JUST LAUGH YOUR PROBLEMS OFF! AND ASK GOD'S GUIDANCE TO HELP YOU OVERCOME THESE!" Thanks for taking time reading this irrelevant post. Till then.
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@tryxiness (4544)
• Philippines
8 Nov 07
Thank you. People should read your post. It is so optimistic and inspiring. :)
• Philippines
9 Nov 07
:-) I hope my post is, tryxiness... Thanks a lot... I am an optimist and I am inspired too.. What the mouth could speak of, comes from the heart and I say things from my heart. Good day to you!!