school yesterday

United States
October 28, 2006 11:19am CST
Yesterday, there was a bomb threat at my school. And just to show how racist everybody was, when we informed of this, everybody looked at me. I am one of the only Indians in my school. People need to find out the difference between terrorists and Indians. Terrorists don't smile, it's not like they're smiling when they push the detenator. They're not like"Hey there, though guy, try me. I'll push it. Haha! You're scared you coward." Indians love to go to school, so they wouldn't blow it up. Indians like sitting in math class and feeling smart. Indians and terrorists don't even hate the same people. Terrorists hate everybody, they say Canada is the root evil or something like that. Indians hate each other. Indians and terrorists could team up but it wouldn't be to attack other people, it would be to attack Indians.
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