tHe DeAtHs In hArRy PoTtEr SeRiEs....

dumbeldore - dumbledore
November 9, 2007 5:10am CST
in harry potter i have noticed one thing in the deaths of a few...actually many characters... first of all those who try and protect harry die...for example: lily evans james poter lupin sirius wormtail snape dumbledore moody fred dobby some die unnecessarily...for example: moaing murtle cedric diggory nbathilda bagshot broderick bode regulus black frank bryce hedwig . . . the list goes on and i dont have time for this... do u think it was voldemort who cursed harry so that those who try to protect harry should suffer death... cause it is no where mentioned that it was his work. if no who do you think could have done it... do u think he has been cursed at all??? feel free to post anything...
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12 Nov 07
I haven't read the 7th book so i hope this doesn't sound stupid. I see what you mean but i don't think hes been cursed, voldermort was after harry because he was the only person who could defeat him, nearly everytime he has tried to kill harry harry has had some form of help, be it his mothers blood protection, fawlks or joining wands. What better way to break someone than to desrtoy everything they care about, his family, everyone who cares and protects him and his friends, with nothing good in your life there would be nothing left to fight for, he would end up a easy kill. Nearly all the deaths in harry potter always lead back to voldermort in one way or another. But thats just my opinion.