November 9, 2007 4:23pm CST
Hi guys, I just have a question I'd like to dicuss with you. I recently moved to another country, and am finding it really difficult to find new friends. Of course, language is a berruer, but I don't even know where to start, and it's never been so dificul to me. Question is. How difficult or easy is that for you to make new friends? Cheers
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@hopejordan (3566)
• Australia
9 Nov 07
hi there mplacona which country did you come from and what country are you now? i know its hard to speak another langauage just try to say hello to them maybe someone there might speak english
• Belgium
9 Nov 07
Hi I came from the UK. Now living in Belgium.Most of the people here do speak english, but looks like they're stuck to the French/Flemish language. They don't even bother trying to talk to you once the have the slightest impression that you ain't local. I hate that
• Philippines
10 Nov 07
Really?! ow how sad of you... Maybe you should try to mingle with them slowly...maybe have them your smile and try to introduce yourself and tell them your problem then maybe they could help you through it. I believe not everyone in Belgium are that unfriendly.. :) Hope it helps
@julianarw (1524)
• Netherlands
12 Nov 07
Hi, I also have difficult time move to new country with different language, different culture, diffferent everything. I come from Indonesia and i move 3 years ago in here (the Netherlands) because i married with Dutch man. I went to school for 1,5 years for learn Dutch language. It is difficult to learn new language :) I don't have many friends in here :( Belgium is not far from here. Why you move to Belgium? we went to Antwerpen - Belgim on our honeymoon ^_^