have you ever thought of how your own funeral should be?

November 10, 2007 8:44am CST
first, i'd like mine to have lots of people. that way, i'd know that i'm loved. then i'd like plenty of singing to go around. specially of my favorite songs. then i'd like everyone to be as colorful as they can - no blacks & no whites for me. then my coffin should be closed, no viewing windows. i'd like everyone to remember the live me. and i'd like everyone to partake in a feast after the rites. in short, my funeral would be a joyous occasion. hey, if i'm being morbid, indulge me. i don't get to be this way always, mind you.
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• Philippines
27 Nov 07
actually i never thought of it i dreamed about it on what to wear & how will i look when i die....
• Philippines
14 Feb 08
lol! as in, all the details down to the color shoes you're going to wear?
• Brazil
10 Nov 07
Our, that text me seemed a little radical, his words are strong but the world needs people who have views very well and does not need to imitate others.
• Philippines
10 Nov 07