One true love in one's lifetime

one love - When you love someone truly, you give all the love that you can. You can never forget him for the rest of your life. The memory will always linger on.
November 10, 2007 1:39pm CST
Relationships come and go. We all experience love. But in our lifetime, how many of those persons we got attached to do we really love sincerely or truly. We pour all the love, the affection, passions and cares that we have for this one person. For once in our lifetime, i think there is only one person whom we truly do this for even if we are already in another relationship, we still have the love for that past flame we had. We may have had been hurt so much and moved on from that failed relationship, but the love we had still lingers on. As the lines of a song say...."if i should love again, if i found someone new, it would be make believe, for in my heart it would be you...i'd still be loving you if i should love again...." How bout you pals?
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@wanxuer (20)
• China
12 Nov 07
The ture love always keep around with us!If one had been hurt ,don't suspect everything. Believe that the ture love will come to you soon. Treat everybody with you heart,I think ,you will gain a lot!
• Philippines
12 Nov 07
Yes, getting hurt must not keep us from loving again. If one loves truly, he/she will reap the same thing.