using the n***a word

United States
November 10, 2007 11:07pm CST
honestly me and my husband use it amongst us only not work nor friends but when it comes to our kids it is a no no i hear so many black men talking to little boys reffering to them as little n^^^^s that it hurts my grandma taught me not to call babies out of their names ( in certain ways ) but this word while used as an ignorante person to me is a term of slavery and racial pregidous and shoudl not be publicy displayed as a right of passage but to continue the lessons of slavery and the exposure of the ones who called us n#### and why.
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@ayou82 (3459)
• Philippines
11 Nov 07
I hate people using that N word, I feel the discrimination among them..WE are all equal here white black brown yellow.....I just dont want discriminations amongst them.
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@doulaworks (1079)
• United States
22 Dec 08
I was taught to be respectful of people period. I know that Bill Cosby stands up for lots or family values and that is one reason I like him so. He's not perfect, but he seems to have and promote good values. I have multiracial chilren and grand children and that word amoung others is NOT acceptable. Any Racial or ethinc slang I find offsive I would'tn dream of using myslef.