wireless internet setup

@jhaime (134)
November 12, 2007 1:30am CST
I'm planning to set-up a wireless internet connection in our dormitory. it has three buildings with a total capcity of 200 people. what do you think are the materials/equipments that i have to buy. By the way I'm planning to use only one internet line for the three buildings. Im I have no idea what kind of router and antenna should I use here.
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@chunter (1761)
• Singapore
12 Nov 07
It depends on how far the three buildings are... But looking at a total capacity of 200 people...My guess is you would not be able to afford the equipments as the relevant equipments are mainly for medium size offices, including signal booster etc Moreover, with only one Internet line...which you didn't specify if it is just the normal DSL, cable, T1, T3 line etc....The bandwidth may not be sufficient for 200 people...
@jhaime (134)
• Philippines
12 Nov 07
The buildings are adjacent with 1 meter space between them its like a square with one side removed. My connection speed will be 8mbps and I'm planning to have 60 internet users. I also have a 15dBi antenna will be it enough to cover the area (600m^2)? What brand of router can you recommend? ^^
• Canada
21 Nov 07
I use a DLink router, it works fairly well, though, I am not sharing my wireless connection with anybody else. I would recommend Linsys routers for the project you are intending. They are more reliable than Dlink and still very affordable. Also, as mention by another members, you might rather want to check solutions targeted to small offices rather than to home users. And of course, you will need a very high speed internet connect that will be able to support all the implied traffic. Let us know how things go for you.
• United States
12 Nov 07
I am not sure what your trying to do. Way this works is your ISP router is connected to the internet. Then you get connection setup thru the ISP to the router either by wire or wireless. You will need a ISP setup and a router from the ISP. If your using a laptop that is fairly new it will have a wireless card in it, so you will be able to get the connection just by setting up the connection for your ISP. The setup for a desktop is the same as laptop after you get a wireless card for you desktop. I do not know how the dormitory is setup, so it may not need everything.