Trouble with Boss

United States
November 12, 2007 8:28am CST
I worked for this boss for around 7 years. At first he appear to be a good boss. But as time went on he started to get on my case. Not sure what was to problem because I did like he want and more. He gave me bouses but never said anything about how good I was doing. Some of my co-worker said I was trying to hard to do a good job and this was making him mad. This did not make sense. The job I was doing was not hard and I was alway good at it. I repaired PC and laptop since 1990 but did not start it with this company until 7 year ago. Then it got to the point he removed me from this position. He also kept telling me that he was needing me to stay later even when my work was all done. He also told me if things got bad that I would be one he would let go. But the next time I would see him he would act like everthing was ok. All the co-workers that I was working around me said it did not make sense because I was alway working none for our customer were complaining about their pcs. I changed my job just to get away from him. The new boss said I have a very good rep. and was very impressed with me working with him. But I still do not know what I did that cause the old boss to act that way. I was told to forget it but how do I prevent it from happening again.
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@smartx (320)
• India
13 Nov 07
bosses are always a troublesome people most of the time..even i face the same thing here..but do face it if you need to work at that place..or try to change the place with your intelligence..if you cant do both the things then just simple as that..i follow the first one..
@amitavroy (4823)
• India
12 Nov 07
Well my friend sometimes boos can be really strange. If you do your work quickly and also efficiently sometimes it is not what they want. Some of them want to see you for along time. They just want overtime. They feel nice if you can be at the office for longer ours. This happened with me so I have some bit of experience. My boss would tell me to design a website and then I would make according to what he tell me. He will tell me not to use too much colors and many other things then when I make a template according to what he told, he will tell that I have not used much colors or things which he at first placed told me not to do. So I think when the going gets tough, you have to take brave decisions. For the boss whom I was working I have saved his reputation against a lot of clients by doing overtime and making sites of more than 20 pages in a day and that also on a very short time. But then also he was very strange in behavious against me, so I just quit the job and told him that I am doing because I feel your attitude towards me is not what I deserve.