Getting rid of Baby Fat

United States
November 12, 2007 1:04pm CST
Ok, my youngest baby is already 10 months old and nothing is getting the last of the stubborn pregnancy weight off! With my first two crunches and taebo worked great but its not quite getting it done. What are some of the things everyone else has done and it seemed to work for them.......And yes, I know that with 3 kids I'm destined to less than perfect figure, I just wanna try and get back down to general weight range :)
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@ayou82 (3460)
• Philippines
14 Nov 07
It hard to get rid of baby fats..thers a solution but it takes time..
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• United States
14 Nov 07
I know, they all take time. I'm just trying to find something I haven't done yet. Taebo and crunches aren't working anymore so I figured if I can get some ideas I can try that might work different muscles to burn it off. :) Time isn't an issue for me...I'm young so I have plenty of it as far as I can see and I'm already married so its not like I need to get super thin super quick to snag a man! :D I already got one! And he can deal with my pregnancy chub as long as it takes for me to burn it off! I was working as a housekeeper after I had the first two and there is a lot of bending and walking in that job and I think that may have helped but I still walk several times aday taking my kids to school...I wish men got pregnant instead! LOL...sorry for the rant and rambles..but thanks for listening
• South Korea
14 Nov 07
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@Gemmygirl1 (2870)
• Australia
13 Nov 07
My first & only baby (for the moment), is now 17 months & i find myself not looking like i did before - i have all this extra skin on my belly that i cant seem to budge. All i can think of is just to make sure you try & do at least 30 minutes of ANYTHING a day - even a handful of sit-ups in the morning & another handful before bed should slowly do the trick. My Mum was never able to get rid of her baby fat, no matter how much she exercised or anything so i guess some people are just destined to keep it sometimes. Keep up with what you're doing & maybe throw in a few extra things a day - walk everywhere you need to go (if it's within walking distance) & eventually you'll get rid of it, it might just take a little time!
@LadyDulce (830)
• United States
21 Nov 07
Powerwalk, do leg lifts (they're the most effective form of fat-burning exercise, because they burn the most fat while requiring the least effort), watch what you eat, play with your kids. It's got to be a lifestyle change; I know after I had mine, my healthy eating habits were radically changed. My little one is only 16 months and I'm only just starting to get back to how I lived before, though not even totally. I know I'll never be a size 2 again, or even a 4, nor will my poor boobies be as perky as they were, nor will my stretch marks go away completely, nor will my hips narrow, nor will my a$$ shrink, nor will my..... well you get the picture. But you do what you can when you can and love the body that pushed out three kids. Blessed Be