Cultural Diversity

November 12, 2007 2:46pm CST
How do you feel about our culture diversity?
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• United States
12 Nov 07
I celebrate it. I feel that learning about people from different places and cultures is fascinating. I find it equally as fascinating that there is so much difference in people who live just 2 or 3 thousand miles from each other, when we know the world really is small!!
• Canada
12 Nov 07
Your totally right.. i agree that learning other cultures and religions are fascinating! I think that we are all equal and that our beliefs & cultural traditions shouldnt seperate us from anything like work, school, oher public events. And yeah, even though the world is HUGE i most definately feel like it is small.. because of the different kinds of people who live so close to you.. as close as a couple meters. I personally LOVE learning about the different religions that was always my most favourable thing to learn in my primary & secondary school learnings!