how do you see urself - cat!?
November 13, 2007 2:12am CST
Have you felt this feeling that you think you can do it, but you just can't have the spirit to do it. Stage fright is one example. They say that successful people have strong self-confidence. Maybe because it is psychological. You're thinking that you can't do it even though you haven't tried it yet. You think self-confidence is the key to success?
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@hyzz1982 (1040)
• China
13 Nov 07
selfconfidence is one of the most factors in success. if one have selfconfidence, he will brave enough too do anything he wanna do, and make great effort to get it. then he will get it, and he is successful.
• Philippines
13 Nov 07
yeah .. you're right.. but it's just that even if you think you must have the confidence., you just can't ., maybe it needs time.. to practice.. get used up to things., thanks men..
• Australia
27 Nov 07
I do beleive self confidence is the key to success. However, you can look self confident but not actually feel self confident and visa versa. Body language plays a big part as does the tone of your voice etc. If you start to act like you're confident you will eventually feel confident because things will begin to go better for you. Our whole society is about the confidence to acheive what you want to acheive.
• India
22 Nov 07
It Just about believin urself tht u can do it.. than u wil also become successful.. Its All about feeling goood.. Yupe self-confidence is one major keys of Success.. Well according anything can take to u success just keep faith in that... ANd Just do it..dont shy away from it... Just remember one thing... Hope is living ...And once u stop hoping u stop living... SO keep the hope alive..
@ayou82 (3460)
• Philippines
13 Nov 07
You want to be successful...Gain it.. If we dont have self confidence in our self sometimes it deprives us for so many callings in our life. I know you can..Have it and youre on your way to success!!!