who among you could teach me how to make yummy carbonara??

November 13, 2007 4:40am CST
there's this net cafe near our school who serves carbonara in their menu..and to tell you that was the most delicious carbonara i ever tasted..i wanted to try the recipes given in the internet but i doubt if it tastes good..now i'm asking if anyone has a recipe of a yummy carbonara?? ;)
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@mysdianait (65079)
• Italy
13 Nov 07
It' so simple to make a delicious carbonara! I'll tell you how I do mine that all my friends come back for lol My recipe is for two people. I use smoked bacon diced into tiny cube-shaped pieces. I use the yolks (only the yellow part) of two eggs plus one extra for each extra person. 200 ml of cream (not the sort you use for make sweet things though) then salt and grated parmesan cheese. I put the water on to boil for the pasta which can be either spaghetti or short pasta. While that is coming to the boil I put the bacon (about 200 gr) in a non-stick large frying pan on a low heat. In the meantime I put the cream in a large jug, add the egg yolks and mix them together until they are smooth. I then add salt and parmesan cheese, a big handful of cheese. In the meantime the water has boiled and I add the pasta. While it's cooking I stir the bacon amd it should start colouring a bit. Drain off any excess fat it produces. Strain the pasta and shake off any excess water and add it directly to the pan with the bacon. Stir to mix up and then add the cream and egg mixture and STIR quickly so as it does not 'cook' tye egg. Serve very hot with grated cheese on top and buon appetito!
@pinklilly (3445)
• Australia
28 Nov 07
MMMMMM Yum Thanks for the tips mysdianait, I'm cooking that tonight.....