Girlfriend Problems

November 13, 2007 7:40pm CST
Ok me and my girlfriend always argue and i hate it. I Love her and i want to be with her for a long time. i know i am kind of young but im the type of guy who likes to be in a relationship for a long time. It seems like she does stuff on purpose to make us argue. i'm tired of arguing what should i do?
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@chooochy (356)
17 Jan 08
i think you should perhaps arange some sort of quiet time for the both of you where you can sit down, rellax and have a chat about what is bothering you, she may be open with you in a comfortable grown up environment xx
@aowaow (1516)
• Indonesia
14 Nov 07
Be faithful on your relationship. No one wants a bad occasion in any events though. Problems occur not only in love part, even in family etc. If you think she was doing on purpose, ask her but use good verbal approaching, meets her demands too. Think how she shot it out, so you will know it's true or not, don't make judgment before you investigate if she is doing on purpose or not. Because curiosity without solving can trigger breaking up part. Unless she is a firm one, then you might just understand this type better. If you still in love with her, well nobody's perfect, even you, even me. We need to accept her bad part which can't be changed (it's called "Basic Habit"). No one can changed this one, unless the person him/herself, but that need a big bang event to collapse his/her egotistic of this habit. If you can solve and walk through this part, it will be a good experience when you and she are in marriage life later. Problem is making us to step on two sides, to decide, go on or stop here. The risk is just like you are making investment, you know it, you can analyze it, you can decide to stop or continue when it's getting sour. If you feel this is too heavy, then you can talk. If you can't face anymore, she won't listen to you, then stop in here. A jeda of emptiness is the phase for giving chance of self-introspection, there appears all problems more clearly on surface.
@laurika (4536)
• United States
14 Nov 07
Try to see what is behind her arguing. MAybe she has some problems and she just cannot relax and she need it to take it somehow of from her inside, so maybe for that she is arguing. The best time would be when both of you will be relaxing and you should just nice ask her if she loves you why is she arguing or starting fighting so much. I hope the is some good reason behind that nd you can help her.
@hyzz1982 (1040)
• China
14 Nov 07
have a good talk with her. tell her no argue forever or break off. if she loves you, she will try to change herself. on the other hands you should think about wheter you have doning something wrong? good luck to you.