what are hypoallergenic cosmetics?are they safe?

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November 14, 2007 12:54pm CST
I easily get some allergy or rashes if i use cosmetics. So i always avoid them and if necessary try to use as least as possible.One of my friend adviced me to use hypoallergenic cosmetics.and i wonder what does it refer to?can anybody tell me what are they? Are they safe to use? Isn't there any risk using them?and are they available in stores as usual cosmetics?
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@dbhattji (2506)
• India
20 Nov 07
There are certain reputable companies that make hypo allergic cosmetics like ROC, they are very useful for people who can not tolerate the usual ones. Most of these are safe to use but it is better to do an allergy test before using them.
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@Nykkee (2522)
• Canada
14 Nov 07
Hypoallergenic makeup is "supposed" to be better for your skin because it is not supposed to cause any allergic reactions. However, according to what I found on wwww.4women.gov, listed in quote form below, there are no rules to make sure that things listed as hypoallergenic actually are. I would recommend that you try mineral makeup as I recently read that tlac, used in almost all non-mineral makeups, apparently causes cancer. "Hypoallergenic cosmetics are products that makers claim cause fewer allergic reactions than other products. Women with sensitive skin, and even those with "normal" skin, may think these products will be gentler. But there are no federal standards for using the term hypoallergenic. The term can mean whatever a company wants it to mean. Cosmetic makers do not have to prove their claims to the FDA. Some products that have “natural” ingredients can cause allergic reactions. If you have an allergy to certain plants or animals, you could have an allergic reaction to cosmetics with those things in them. For example, lanolin from sheep wool is found in many lotions. But it's a common cause of allergies too."
@anniepa (27956)
• United States
9 Dec 07
You may wish to avoid cosmetics with artificial fragrances or dyes as I think those substances are often what cause allergic reactions. Also, as some other have mentioned, the mineral make-ups are supposed to be really good for your skin. If you have very sensitive skin I'd say a good rule of thumb is simply "Less is more". Annie