fight for love or surrender???

@jona06 (78)
November 15, 2007 12:25am CST
when you love someone...fight for what you feel..but if the one you love,,loves someone else....."LET GO".. be like a soldier knows when to fight and when to surrender... but is it right to easily give up...??you really can't stop or avoid that feeling....and that you really is in-love to his/her...
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@hyzz1982 (1040)
• China
15 Nov 07
do you know whther he loves you? let him know that you love him. maybe he love you more than others, if you tell him, maybe you will not go together. but if you don't do so, you must lose him forever.
@jona06 (78)
15 Nov 07
but he loves other girl...and that he is always telling you that...his very much in-love to that girl..... and that...deep inside your heart breaks.... now..what should be the right thing to be done??
@apsara60 (6611)
• Israel
17 Nov 07
It all depends on how much fire is on both the side. Is your lover as eager to have you as life partner as you he ready to take all those risks that you are ready to take for him or her. If yes , then you should go on fighting to get your love till the last moment that you can, but if you find that all efforts are only your hardwork, and your lover is not a real honest soldier, then I think you can just let go the whole matter, because if one does not care for you, then he or she is not worth your love, so why to start this love battle........:))
@naty40 (35)
• Philippines
17 Nov 07
if you really love him...fight and tell him that you really are ready for everything....but if that person loves another girl...and that his happy about it,,...well, you should already let go... let him be free to love...and also let your heart be freed and be loved by others,,...
• Singapore
15 Nov 07
I think it depends on how strong your love is. It is a hard question for me to answer because I have not the good fortune to taste real love yet. But I guess if you really love someone (and don't feel inferior for any reason), you will fight all the way. Alternatively, true love is not possessing - rather you just want to see her happy. So if she is happier without you, then if you love her, you will let her go while you suffer alone. *sniff* Love is such a deadly thing. :P