November 15, 2007 8:33am CST
Pl. for a moment treat yourself as a Universal Citizen, a resident of the Earth, forgetting your birth Nationality. Do you view that US should intervene in Pakistan to correct Musharraff?
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@amitavroy (4821)
• India
20 Nov 07
well this is a problem that pakistan and so i think it is their responsibilty to solve them and not any other country and they actually have to right to do that. why are they so concern. they have their on benefit so that can get a base. and they are always doing this. so i think it is better they stay away, but they will not that also i know this.
• India
24 Nov 07
Thank you friend. Kindly see my reply above to Shri enerzia. Though it is better to stay away, anxiety will continue. For example, West Bengal faces music whenever there is a strife in Bangla Desh. NOw Kolkata has communal riots and Taslima Nasreen had to be shifted to Rajasthan. However, I totally agree with you that interference will not solve the problem. Indira Gandhi intervened in East Pakistan, with what result? Temporarily the problem was solved, but Bangla Desh relapsed to difficulties in 25 years.
@engrzia (1020)
• South Korea
17 Nov 07
definitely NOT. Infact everyone can raise his point of view in general in favor of democracy , judiciary etc but no one has right to intervene in internal matters of others. Especially when it is obvious that US always has his own agenda either you see in Iraq, Afghanistan, Iran, Pakistan or anywhere else. US has nothing to do with democracy or any betterment of the people of region. US has never broken wars for any nobel cause. Such an intervention must be condemn from every soverign country.
• India
24 Nov 07
Tk. U. I also agree that other countries should not intervene. Unfortunately, most of Pakistani population is ignorant and illiterate. The tyranny by despotic rulers has now become a global problem. Oppression by domestic rulers, oppression by foreign invaders with the help of domestic stooges both have become equally unbearable. The International Criminal Court for trying genocide and despotic criminals proposed at Rome did not take off owing to non-cooperation from USA. Even if it takes off, it may not function effectively. Yet, something is better than nothing.