Drugs are ok if moderated ? ! Any comments about this statement?

November 15, 2007 8:38am CST
I was doing my research in drug addiction and i came into a phrase that startled me. " Drugs are ok if moderated" and he even emphasized himself to be a drug user and that he can stop if he wants to but just hadn't stopped during the past 3 years. This statement bothered me a lot, how would one person with such an illicit act prove himself proud and stand up on his own integrity and talk about drugs as if it was nothing?! That the problem isn't drugs its the person. Its always our choice if we can stop or not?! Do you agree with this?! Saddlly yes we can stop if we want to but that chemicals would be contained in our bodies and we can be physically or even worse mentally impaired for the rest of our lives just ebcause of the drugs. Drugs are gateways to other things. It works like a subway once you get into one subway you get intertwined or told to take a walk a few blocks after the first one and take another train.
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